Photos of Keathley Homes

We Build

Building homes is what I love to do. I think that it is fun and exciting to watch a house go from wooded lot to finished product in a few short months.

My goal is to help you to enjoy the process as much as I do. In order to do that I have streamlined my procedures so that you always know what decisions you will need to make and when they are due. I am on the job-site every day and you can reach me with a simple phone call or text. I’m always available to answer questions and will do everything within my power to help make the creation of your new home a positive experience.

Green Technology

An important aspect of building a home in today’s economy is to make it as energy efficient as possible within the constraints of budget.

A Keathley home will always have a higher rated heating and air conditioning unit than the typical builders grade, we use double paned energy efficient windows, special decking on your roof to help reduce the heat in your attic, and we focus on making sure your home is well insulated. In addition, there are other items that can be discussed as we begin to finalize the budget and building process.

An Eye for Detail

I have a strong interest in architectural details. That is why you will find so many thoughtful touches in a Keathley home. We go the extra mile in our ceilings and moldings and design features as well as finding ways to increase the curb appeal of your home.

We also provide a decorator to help you during the building process as you make artistic decisions such as brick color, interior and exterior paint colors, flooring, etc. Of course, if you love to decorate and wish to make those decisions yourself you can forego this assistance.

Most Popular Floor Plans

Floor plans are one of my strong points. I think that it is important for a home of any size to live well. We focus on room flow, having as little wasted space as possible, having adequate storage, room size, as well as making the space beautiful... all the things that work together to make your home a place to live and live well.

Developing your floor plan is one of the most important parts of the building process. We can start completely from scratch with you simply telling me and our draftsman what you want in your home. You can bring in a floor plan which we can tweak to help it better meet your needs or you can choose one of my existing floor plans.